18 May

Jobs today require more than just your qualification, you might be a university topper but the judgment of your potential would be based purely on how to execute your responsibilities and how you dodge all the hindrances and reach the goal.

What is upskilling?

Most people who are employed by the companies have their degrees, yet they are additionally provided with pieces of training so they could fill in the skill gaps and make their employees more skilled. This makes the employees proficient at their jobs and opens more opportunities for them.

Why should upskilling take place?

Skilling up makes sure that the skillset of an employee stays up to date with modern technologies. Companies invest a small amount of money on their employee’s training so that they could get larger outputs, as job requirements constantly keep changing. This also does wonders for the morale of the employees and saves the company a lot of cash. Upskilling reduces the necessity of new employees in the company.

Upskilling techniques may include methods like:


  • It is the less expensive, less time consuming yet the more engaging form of learning.
  • It delivers lessons expeditiously.
  • It also helps to boots the retention of knowledge, as one can actively revisit the lessons.

Mentoring and shadowing

  • Techniques of such kind help an employee absorb the values and imbibe the standards of the organization.
  • It helps to strengthen the intra-employee relationship.

Virtual and online course

  • Online courses have always been a top priority, it provides the user the liberty to take over their pace of learning.
  • It turns out to be more personalized as the learner gets to choose the course they require according to their program.

Lunch and learn

  • In this category people try to fit in the upskilling into their work schedule by taking the learning session in their break time.
  • These kinds of sessions usually have people from outside the firm who come as mentors.

Though people have tried making upskilling as convenient as possible, yet some people find it extremely challenging. To make things easier for the majority here are some tips for you which might help you make this journey easier.

  • Question yourself, “what do you expect out of the process?”
  • Once you’ll have clarity with that you could be able to set goals for yourself and work accordingly
  • You need to keep in mind to make achievable goals as they’ll be easily conquerable.
  • As an employee you need to have a personalized plan as each individual has a different pace of learning. A plan that worked out for your friend might now work for you that efficiently. If you make a plan keeping your strengths and weaknesses in context, one can assure that upskilling would work like magic for you.
  • Try not to miss any of your sessions. The sessions help a lot to retain what one learned in previous lessons. Regular lessons will help you to stay updated and therefore easier to learn for you.
  • Try to cross-train. When you’ll try to teach your colleagues, you not only provide them with knowledge but also increase your comprehension of the topic and help you retain better.
  • Try to “Make you unconscious, conscious” do not blindly depend on the training, you need to be alert and learn from your surroundings even when they are not teaching hence you become a smart worker rather than a hard worker.
  • Be vocal about whatever you’ve learned, having an attitude like such would help you to correct your errors and have flawless knowledge.
  • Ask as many questions as you can, being curious has never been a sin, if you become hesitant and do not clarify your doubts, you might end up misunderstanding the concept.
  • Take breaks: As important it is to revise, retain, and learn, taking a break is equally important. One could not keep on learning without taking a break, after all, “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.
  • Staying motivated is the key to learning. No matter how good you are at concentrating, learning might not happen unless you’re motivated. One easily loses motivation when they are aiming for longer goals, therefore, try making shorter goals that can easily be fulfilled.

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