20 May

People might have burned us alive if we came up with the idea of Virtual conference during the 19th century. Ha! What a relief. The New Covid-19 outbreak has given us the opportunity to utilize the technology as a way of helping humankind to develop, & in post COVID scenario virtual conference may emerge as the new normal.

Till now virtual conferences were looked at as 2nd alternative of physical people to people conference. People would prefer face-to-face conversation in a meeting rather than VC

  • Virtual reality can be added to the virtual conference to make it more realistic. They are engaged with applications like Google duo, IMO, zoom and also

Some mind-blowing technology like- life-size hologram, an exact replica in real-time speaking. Tech is helping people, to be anywhere they need to be and speak any language they want.

  • Animated and emotionally charged up avatar-body to control their character through a person’s action instead of a gamepad.3D mapping is a great idea to skyrocket your travel experience or meeting conferences.
  • Smartphones helping us integrate intelligence directly into the travel experience. For instance, the hotel industry is implementing to promote their premises, with the help of VR hotel tour, this is particularly useful as any customer will be able to obtain a “feel” for what is in store, and such a perspective is capable of illustrating the dimensions of a room and navigate throughout the property itself.
  • Recently ministry of external affairs has established NEST division which would enhance India’s

Engagement with foreign nations based on emerging tech.

  • These days government is also looking for the idea of Virtual Courts. Virtual Court is a concept aimed at eliminating the presence of litigants or lawyers in the court and adjudication of the case online.
  • As Covid-19 spreads from physical contact, people have to adapt to the virtual world where Clouds gives us the freedom to stop building data centers and still can grow up their business. It may also increase attendance in E-learning platforms. They are Environmental friendly, as people would not have to travel a lot.
  • It will be an Economical booster and time saver for people. Wanna hear a secret?

In the near future, we will be able to create our exact replica rendered in real-time, speaking any language you want, by using the power of mixed reality and Azure AL services.

so absolutely, there are tons of ambitious innovations that the virtual world is planning. It’s also Break-new ground drive innovation. It will take the world forward, and promising satisfaction to the new heights.

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