17 August

Ding Dong! Got cautioned Hahn. Now that is what your mind should feel when someone asks you about what actually is a success. Do we know the real definition of success? Or is it merely the same we keep on telling people from the time we first heard it. Is it happiness? Or is it wealth? Or accomplishment of goals?

Another one, do we have any measurement of success? The perception that a particular person is richer and happier than you, does measure the rate of success? If that is the case, then are we thinking correct?

Success has its decorum, meaning, and impact. It varies from individual to individual upon how they see success. One can regard it in terms of equating it with fame, power, and money; others may see it as personal to them.

Let us see what the actual definitions of SUCCESS are


  • Success is never comparing with others.

You will be successful the day when you stop watching others and judging yourself, questioning yourself, Look if you have improved your state from your past one. Sense if you are a better person now. This personal evaluation and comparing yourself with yourself and realizing if this version of you is better than the previous is a real success. Every person on this planet has morals, destiny, and fate. Our work is just to keep evaluating our self and set goals to see a nicer and improved version of ourselves every next day.


  • Success is the rate at which you rise after any fall/failure

It is pretty normal to fall times. Many of us screw up things sometimes. But the important part is if we have learnt anything from it? A person who does not get demotivated and shattered and who learns that failure is part of success is eventually going to beat failure all the time. Success is not giving up and persistence is the factor that holds you to your success.


  • Success is making a house from the bricks people throw at you

In your entire life, you will rise and you will fall. People tend to defeat the person who is rising and hence will try to pull the ladder of your success. A successful person will be the one, who against all odds will prove his worth. One who will be determined and firm enough to face any challenge will be the one with the trophy in the end. Show people your strength and be a man of success.


  • Success is when you do not make the same mistake twice

The first time you make mistake sounds alright but if you repeat it, then it ain’t a mistake. It turns out to be your will and choice and that is not going to give you success. Your innocence will fall and once this repetition becomes a habit, it will be a lot devastating. So, success is defined when you do not repeat the same mistakes and learn from previous and improve yourself, to gather confidence in yourself.


  • Success is the power of loving and forgiving others and being loved back

Loving others means telling your entire mindset to others. Sounds fearful, right? But that is the actual success. The faith with which you love others, invest your time and the same love you receive back is the success. Success is when you grow a big heart to forgive others. Not everyone has the potential to forgive and forget. The courage required here is a success.


  • Success is when you learn to live a balanced life

The time when you grow and understand the ethics of life is the time you gain success. The tactic which you have developed over the years to deal with any person is a success. The way to handle any situation is a success. No one is going to teach you these basic ethics. It develops over time and one who truly understands it and implies in the real, correct, and absolute fashion is the man with success. Saying no to certain things is mandatory. You must have your priorities set and answer everybody accordingly. That does not make you egotistical.


Do comment on your version of success!

About Somya Mahajan

I am Somya Mahajan, from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for women. I am currently a 2nd-year undergraduate, in Btech computer science. One should always explore something new in life apart from the usual stream(CSE). Hence, I love writing stuff and articles. Writing and reading blogs really amazes me. Would love to hear any feedback.


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