30 May

I just gave an interview? And you’re pretty confident about your performance; of course, and why not? You have every relevant skill that the position asks for. But hold on; don’t consider your competition any less!

Today, Competitive edges are so keen that it just takes your one mistake, whether behavioral or technical for your rejection. No doubt you must have some exceptionally great qualities or skills and many others must have qualified for the particular position you are looking for, so what makes the recruiter choose the suitable one? What other quality will be the recruiter looking for?  Let’s talk about this.

What are soft skills?

Interpersonal traits such as inherent social cues, communication abilities, adaptability, flexible thinking, critical approach, work ethic, networking, and others are considered as soft skills. These skills are hard to evaluate because of their nature. Soft skills aren’t learned, unlike hard skills.

Soft skills are what job recruiters looking for even more than the technical ones.  You can showcase your specified soft skill or skills in an interview to increase your chances of selection. For instance, good communication skills will be automatically judged by the employer as you speak. Your problem- solving ability would be displayed if the recruiter would ask for any obstacle you have faced. How you perform in the interview will itself justify your specified skills.

Some soft skills in detail:

  • Communication: the most important and key element of soft skills. A good communicator can change the whole inconvenient situation with his words. One can be a swan song for the company and swayed customers by changing his tone of speaking. Communication is not only speaking effectively but also listening to your audience patiently. Today Not only Face facing communication is entertained but also digital communication through email. Your email etiquette will decide the type of gesture you’ll receive from the other side.
  • Problem- solving: how efficiently and quickly you solve any problem and how successfully you have negotiated over a proposed argument, will leave a powerful and positive impact on your recruiter, colleagues, and the customer. This not only includes your technical Excellency but soft skills too. Generally, problems lead to inconvenience, and inconvenience leads to impulsiveness and hence can make the situation worse. This will also keep a check on your patience level.
  • Self-motivation: commitment towards your work is the only motivation you need. Your commitment will ensure the productivity of your work. Every day, initiate your work with a positive attitude, irrespective of how bad your previous day was. Be true to yourself and make sure you are up to date with every assigned work without any constant supervision.
  • Flexibility: flexibility of work will increase your chances of being an all-rounder. For example, you are working with your team on a very crucial project, and the colleague who knows everything about logistics goes off the track, then this is the time when you can embrace your additional work skills and be a backup to the company. Always ready to learn and adapt different things as required. Companies look for such flexible employees.
  • Responsibility: when you take responsibility for certain work, be ambitious enough to achieve your work successfully. If an employee fails to achieve success, then he must accept the responsibility for his failure. Taking responsibility means you are going to represent your organization, not alone yourself; hence be as much selfless as you can. Your supervisor would assign you any responsibility if you have traits of discipline and trustworthiness.
  • Teamwork: your cooperation and support for the team and the company, will define your teamwork. Teamwork includes different perspectives, resulting in a better decision.

With changing technology, the world is undergoing several industrial and marketing changes and adapting it as well. Now, the customer also demands soft skills. Efficient and effective communication between the customer and the dealer increases the chances of secures dealing. Soft skills are dominating world trade. The more you adapt, the more you evolve. Today, World demands more soft skills and this trend is becoming a mirror to every industry across the world.

How to improve soft skills-

  • Learn/train Online; find a suitable course or program according to your demand. There is nothing that you can’t learn online in today’s digital generation, thousands of websites are available for a particular course; whether it is a hard skill like C++ or any soft skill-developing program.
  • Private tutors; face to face learning is always a step ahead of online learning. A private tutor will directly serve you your demand in a more practical manner.
  • Ask for feedbacks; your true ones will always help you find your weaknesses and encourage you to improve them. Seek help from them and nourish your skills.
  • Practice; as it is said that practice starts from home, make it sound real. Stand in front of a mirror and start practicing, prepare answers for the expected questions for the interview or the meeting, gather confidence, and ready yourself in a more practical manner.

About Nandita Manchanda

Pursuing B.A. English honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. I am a forever learner, learning through every opportunity I come across.


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