19 May

In this perpetually evolving world, having a college degree from a magnificent institute does not come with a guarantee that you will land an up-to-the-mark- placement at a renowned company.

There is so much competition in every field wherever you raise your finger towards, And no matter how appealing your resume looks like, you might lack in some of the other areas, and not hearing from them again.

Since the foundation of employment has restructured its guidelines, your hard skill sets will not have enough power to fuel in your career. In the era where people are being hired and new opportunities are knocking at their door, who has something extraordinary to offer even if it is not supported by specific certifications. Practical skills have much more weight than what is written on a piece of paper.

You must have noticed while watching or talking to someone about the kind of questions that are asked by the employers during their interview, that they are quite simple and general.

Let’s understand and learn about those major diamond skills employers are looking for in an employee:


Introduce yourself, please? It seems like a pretty simple question, right? Well, it is not. The answer to this question will give not only the first impression of yours but will also allow the employer to look inside you and see whether you have certain qualities and skillsets, which may help their company in the future, or you are just another file in the rejection pile.

So what exactly are they looking for in you?

  • They want someone who is run by his/her free will. Meaning they want someone honest and speak their mind instead of reading answers out of some guiding manual.
  • With this answer, they will check your Confidence and how Professional you are.

It is supremely important for a company to hire an employee who knows how to professionally in all areas. Confidence and Professionalism are some of the major pillars of being a successful professional.

An employer wants a candidate who’s hard and soft skills are compatible with their company. However, they will also minus you out if you will come across to be proud and arrogant because your personality is what they are concerned about majorly. So it is safe to say that the name of your institute will now make them hire you but your behavior and skills will.

Confidence should come from within you, while you develop your professional skills. By being informed about what you are getting yourself into and willingness to adapt in diverse situations is all that’s required. Are you punctual? Will you be able to prioritize your work? Some questions which are answered by your past commitments like internships, specific projects, etc.

They might not be alarmed if you don’t have a degree from Oxford. However, they will be if you lack confidence and professionalism.

2. Social Skills

Soft skills or commonly termed as communication skills are your ability to communicate with others. One of the most important skills to have is the power of communication. This skill is what an employer wants in their employee without fail. Nowadays, we have access to various online and offline courses for students and people to improve their social skills, and also as the education system is developing, they are adding this skill in their syllabus. It doesn’t matter in which field you are looking for a job; no company is going to compromise on this skill set.

Having an insight into what to speak? What tone to be used with whom and listen to them carefully while analyzing it and put what you feel about it in order and answering them accordingly; is a virtue. It’s not about how well-spoken you are but about whether you can convey your message loud and clear, without fumbling or sounding nervous- both while writing or speaking. Always revise your work before submitting, not just once but twice or thrice in the beginning and see if it sounds correct and submit only when you are completely confident about it.

For some it is quite easy to interact and create a bond with others while for the people from the other side of the line; it does not come naturally to them but you can develop this skill by enrolling yourself into one of these social skill courses, by initiating involvement in public events, etc.

It is an impressive skill to convey your thoughts to others, exactly in the manner they are. It is so complex that only a percentage of humans in the world have able to conquer, making them the most successful professionals in history.

Be proficient while you are writing your thoughts, speaking your mind, and pay attention while listening to others. And you will be the winner of your race.

3. A Thinker and a Solver

Not all degree holders are what their resume says. Students who always keep their heads in books face hard luck when it comes to placements. Because in the real world, there is no use of knowledge until you know how to implement it in your life. No one wants to pay a book bug with no practical usage.

Movies like- 3 idiots give us so many unconventional and unorthodox messages and one of them is that your grades do not measure your capabilities and you are going to be successful till you have what it takes, which is being creative.

Students are advised to take internships as early as they can, to give a glimpse of the professional world. But that’s not the only motive; the aim is to put students in a situation where they can open their minds, find flaws, and search for answers. Institutes push their students for such opportunities to change this onetime brainstorming into a habit.

Because if a situation comes, and you are stuck, the employer will want you to analyze that problem thoroughly, find the weak spot and ponder upon the solution with all the resources you already have to be efficient and successful.

Another trait that is common between what makes you successful and what employers are looking for is the usage of your mind and creativity in unfavorable situations. When a problem arises, look at it from unseen angles and you will always end up unveiling some fine undiscovered path. Your experience will come into play and you will able to understand all the tricks and have an upper hand.

So the next time you are offered an internship, don’t turn it down; you never know what you end up learning.

4. Lead with Teamwork

Another special ingredient that is a much have, land your dream job is the quality of leadership and ability to work as a team.

An employer needs to know whether they are hiring a wolf, who can work in packs, or share similarities with moles. They need to know whether you are a team player or not as an employee, you will have to work with a different set of people from time to time. So if you are not compatible with them, it is the company that will be at loss; which certainly is not on the list of goals for an employer.

Luckily our education system promotes team spirit and makes us work in groups since the beginning of our lives, to ensure that we know these values by heart, ensuring that we learn the quality of sharing. While doing so, they are making us realize whether we are born to rule or like someone else to be in command and take responsibility for actions.

The employer wants to see how you manage yourself and your team, whether you blame others or take responsibility for your actions under pressure. If you manage to stay motivated and confident until the end, you will become an inspiration for your team which will help in increasing the productivity and quality of yours and your teams’ work.

5. Self Improvement and Management

Only you know of what you are capable of and what your true strengths are. This last skill will come to you when you have mastered all the first four.

It is extremely important to know your strength and weaknesses and how to stop others from exploiting them. Knowing where you lack and let someone else handle that for you. It will not only help you in strengthening your weaknesses but will also create a bond with your teammates.

You will able to look at a situation from a different perspective which will clear your vision and ultimately help the organization. By being well informed and flexible for any change, you establish yourself as a versatile employee. You should be good at multitasking and know where your true potential lie and by having your priority list all set you will have a slight edge over others.

You should be resilient and know how to keep a cool mind. You should be able to calm your teammates in a stressful situation.

Add these special spices in your dish and every employer will want you on their side;

About Ashi Jain

Second-year student, pursuing English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies.


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