16 August

In this beautiful world, many mysteries are unresolved and some are considered resolved by science but still a mystery. Among all these mysteries, one of the greatest mysteries is “DREAM.” Everyone wants to know that “WHAT DO DREAMS MEAN?” So here I am to lift curtains over this mystery.



A dream is a blend of fantasies, sensations, proposals, aspirations, ambitions, depiction, and scenarios. A dream is approached by us at a particular stage of a nap. It sometimes can be magnificent but can also be inferior sometimes. Normally, we forget our dreams after they end. Most rare dreams remain alive in our memory. It is a fact that the dream that is remembered to us has some specific kind of emotional attachment to us.



The dream occurs during the stage of REM sleep i.e., Rapid Eye Moment sleep. At this stage, our eyes start moving rapidly and our brain becomes much active than the other stages of sleep. Every stage of sleep is beneficial for our body but REM is quite special as it’s a fascinating stage and frames a dream.



A dream is something about our goals or incomplete wishes. It is also considered that dream is all about our whole day’s thoughts and what we think the whole day comes in our dream. A dream is not a sign of our future or present. But it comes true sometimes coincidently. Albeit, according to science, most dreams come true, and as it is known to all a strong willpower can make everything comes true so if you want to make your dreams come true so work for it and maintain strong willpower and hope.



It is said that after the end up of the dream we forgot 50% content of our dream and after waking up we forgot 90% content of our dream and as I said only the dream full of highly emotional attachment remains to remember to us. So the question arises, “WHY DO WE FORGOT DREAMS ?”

We forgot dreams because of the release of neurochemicals in our brain which releases during REM sleep. This chemical results in forgetting our dreams.



A dream is an emulsion of thoughts and ideas. It’s still a great mystery that everyone is seeking. A dream is considered magic and yes, it’s a magic of science and God. A dream is a miracle and an unresolved mystery.

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