11 September

It’s a competitive world out there, and that is the fact that we have been told over and over again. It begins in school from class 9th and the reality of the board exams approaches you for the first time; for some people, it comes even sooner. When you enter class 12th, it goes up even higher because now it’s not just the Board examinations but also college entrance exams and merit lists. You think life will have calmed down when you get into a good college because we as a society still believe that a good college will help you attain job security.
However, for most of us, reaching the mid-point of our college life suddenly brings us to the realization, that no, probably something extra might be needed. Especially those aiming for a life in the corporate sector. It can be very confusing, trying to figure out what they need. Your professors will tell you to focus on your academics, your seniors will tell you to try to intern and your family will tell you to balance, but prioritize academics. There are still institutes across the country that allow students to sit for placements on the basis of their academic performance.

So how do you figure out what the corporate sector actually needs?

People need to realize that there is not one track answer to this question. The requirements of the corporate sector vary from industry to industry. Furthermore, graduates from different sectors will face different expectations from their employers. A company hiring an MBA graduate will expect different things from the IT graduates they hire. Differences are not just in terms of the field one works in; there can also be different expectations within a field. For example, a law graduate hired by a firm will need to work differently than a law graduate hired by an investment banking company or a corporate litigation company.

Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat
its people impacts everything – for better or for worse.
– Simon Sinek

The good thing, however, is that some key expectations of the employers in the corporate sector remain the same across the multitude of career fields within it.

Given below are things that can help you be the perfect employee at a corporate office:

1. Good workplace etiquette: Technology intervenes our life in every sphere, so it isn’t a wonder that it may affect your workplace etiquette as well. The best way to deal with this is to find out the company policy on the use of electronic devices. Many companies frown upon the use of personal devices while at work and personal browsing. Familiarize yourself so that you don’t find yourself in an uncomfortable spot over your Facebook and Instagram.
2. Empathy and passion towards work: No company wants an employee that is apathetic towards work and clients. It is a good work ethic to be empathetic towards the people you work with and passionate about your work since that helps to elevate your performance and ability to work.
3. Positive attitude: It is natural for a person to feel discouraged and pessimistic at times, especially if you are unable to perform a task. However, no employer wants to see their employee’s dark moods. Keeping a positive attitude at the workplace will show your dedication and will to work. That is something that every corporate looks for.
4. Maintain professional behaviour: Dress code and punctuality are not the only part of professional behaviour. A person’s conduct and manner of talking are equally important. A lot of companies prefer for their employees to remain formal in their interactions with colleagues. Some companies however take on a different approach and encourage friendly interactions. It is best to observe your co-workers and get an idea of what is needed. To take it a step ahead, you can continue being relatively formal even if the company encourages friendly interaction so as to safeguard yourself from landing in sticky situations.
5. Adaptability: Change is a constant part of life, and therefore even work. It is important to be flexible so as to adjust and adapt to the requirement of your office policies and demands.
6. Ability to work in a group: Corporate work is about working in a group. Your work affects other people and vice versa. Therefore, if you are not a team player, that may not go well with the company. The ability to work in a group also shows a person’s loyalty towards the company and therefore reflects well.
7. Find out how your superiors want you to work: In most companies, interns and employees are given clear cut guidelines over what is expected from them. Irrespective of this, as the conduct of a diligent employee demands, it is best to find out the company policy and clear out doubts at the beginning itself.
8. Initiative: Take initiative at your workplace. Every employer looks for people who are driven to work and put in their best into it. The initiative shows your dedication to work which is something every employer and corporate house appreciates.
9. Posts on social networking websites: Some companies keep track of their employees’ activities on social media, especially companies working in fields like social media marketing, etc. It is best to monitor your activities in such a situation since they may or may not approve of certain incidents. Additionally, when you work at a place, you are their representative, therefore your conduct reflects on them. Be dependable: A company needs for their employees to be dependable in the sense that they do what is expected out of them and do it in time. Taking responsibility for actions is something everyone does; what may set you apart from the crowd is your dependability in terms of deliverance.

What we have shared today are the most common things a corporate office looks for. The list is definitely not exhaustive. Keep your eyes and ears open to any opportunity or skill that makes you a diligent worker and see yourself shine!


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