01 June

Augmented reality, often abbreviated as AR, is a kind of virtual reality (VR) which allows user to view an environmental scene and a holographic scene, generating a combination of both but with augmented (additional) information. It is different from virtual reality as virtual reality presents an artificial environment with specialized computer genetics to make it appear like a real environment.

Augmented reality is used to strengthen the user’s sensory perceptions of the virtual world they are dealing with. Augmented reality is built in such a manner that one can’t differentiate between what is real and what is virtual! There are several things in which this augmented reality is used. Some of them are military practices, robotic, engineering, machine designing, business logistics, classroom education, and entertainment as well.

Augmented reality really helps one to collect information on a large scale. For example, this technology has seen in the effects of weather channel studios and games like Pokémon go. But at the time it is an expensive technology to be used on an everyday basis and might not be much of help to small businesses.

Future of mass communication and journalism in the digital age

Mass communication is a broader branch of communicating different stories, news, discoveries, statistics, messages, or facts. Being a broader branch, it employs many courses like film making, journalism, television, etc.

Journalism is a more specific branch of mass communication that mainly deals with two things; digital media which covers radio, television, social media platforms, and print media which covers newspapers, magazines, and others.

Indeed journalism had faced a lot of downfall in the earlier time being. Students who were passionate about journalism witnessed the fall in earning or offered salaries. They were either forced themselves to do freelancing or low pay jobs. After that, the trend of journalism somewhere dissolved. But it was not the end. The digital era has definitely changed the entire edge of the journalism field. When newspaper demands start dripping off, online methods of the same raised rapidly, in fact, the demand gets doubled. This brings back the hope of budding journalists. The digital media needed more and more new journalists to meet the demand of the rising society.

Hence, let’s witness the rise of journalism and mass communication;

  • Of course, there is tough competition in every field or sector but now we have plenty of opportunities. The newspaper printing may be drying but digital media is still on the track. There are numerous social media platforms like Buzzfeed through which you can definitely establish yourself. Your job profile and the offered salary would rather remain comparable.
  • Being digitally equipped results in knowing about the latest news or discoveries faster and absolutely in no time, while newspaper printing will provide you with news but the next day. With this, a firm or organization has to be a big team by hiring new journalists to meet the demands of real-time incidents and news. To get ahead of the competition, one has to be fully equipped with writers, editors, and a proper publishing team. This will employ more men and sources. To successfully achieve this, a well-promised degree is needed.
  • Start from the smaller things. As being a budding journalist would do. Use as much of social media platforms to publish your story or news or create your own blog channel where you can deliver your news or information to your audience on the basis of subscribers. The use of established platforms like Tumblr will let you grow further. Once you have begun, you’ll have to move on your journey. Establish yourself here and to work with bigger assets you can also file your portfolio accordingly.
  • The role of mass communicators changes as per the changes in technology. We are already so much relying on technology these days and so do our interests and affairs. Previously, we could just read from the web but now we can establish our own career upon it. Business industries and marketing are moving alongside with the advancement in the digital industry.
  • The demands of consumers changed, they start exploring more about a business rather than buying whatever the industries are selling. The digital media made them knowledge equipped with the change in the pattern of sales and promotions. Hence, mass communication has not only advanced the marketing or business industries but also nourishes the consumers with exact knowledge about anything.

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