16 August

The world is already full of chaos but why do we need to keep a balance in life? Why it is hard sometimes to keep a required balance between our personal and professional life? Why do we always respond with "I have no willpower to do that" when we don’t want to work? The answer eventually falls on the path of self-discipline. It requires us to be self-disciplined to achieve what we ask for. If you can’t push/motivate yourself for your good, nobody can.

Self-discipline is an ability to push ourselves to perform better, actively, and attentively irrespective of our personal feelings and emotions. Obstacles of the path become a motivation when you possess the quality of self-discipline and choose to grow regardless of all odds and distractions.

Why self-discipline?

Self-discipline allows you to be professionally strong and patient enough even when the customer is crying in your ears. You can manage to perform excellently even if you don’t want to perform at all. You can enhance your performance with the help of self-discipline. A study shows that one who has strong self-discipline can retain more knowledge. Self-discipline also ensures your success rate.

How can we develop self-discipline?

  • Get motivated; First, know where to start from. Get motivation by taking small steps. Set some goals to move forward. Motivation primarily means setting motives to work for. For example, set a goal like, I’ll eat green veggies three days in a row which gives you the motive to stay healthy. Try to complete it. That will be your first step and then move to big goals. For better results, try to break big goals in smaller segments so that the big goal doesn’t change into a big burden. Allot some sort of time limit and a deadline just like your boss allows you. It’ll keep a check on your progress.
  • Avoid temptations; Some works might be urgent but not important. Find them and mark them as temptations. For instance, you are in the middle of something and your social media keeps pinging; don’t open it until you have finished your work. Eating cakes while being on a diet is a temptation, avoid it instead of marking it as a cheat day! Who are you even cheating on? Yourself? Remember this.
  • Reward/appreciate yourself; Don’t be a hardcore follower of discipline, sometimes pat yourself on the back even at little achievements. This will give you more courage and motivation to proceed further. You reward yourself by being isolated and sad when you disappoint yourself then why not reward yourself when you finally achieved something?
  • Meditation; Meditations help your mind to stay cool, focused, and active. It helps us improve our mental, physical, and emotional stability. So when our minds will be focused, our work will surely imply progress.
  • Eat healthily; It is proven that eating healthy keeps our minds fresh and active. Manage your food schedule right from breakfast. Required and vital nutrients keep our body and mind fit. Reward yourself with a glass of hot water with lemon and honey. This will retain glucose levels in your body and hence improves our ‘will to work’.
  • Proper sleep; Disturbed sleep eventually results in a bad mood, impatience, stress, bad diet, poor decisions, and judgments. It is mandatory to have 6-7 hours of sleep at least. If you are overworked, short naps will help you retain back your focus and energy.
  • Exercise; should be your priority to achieve healthy success. A little workout in your morning routine will help you in improving your concentration power and make you active throughout the day. Start from 5-7 minutes and increase duration after every week. You’ll surely see visible changes.
  • Be kind to yourself; Sometimes it is okay to make mistakes, forgive yourself, and move forward. You might have done something wrong but you need to forgive yourself and learn from those mistakes. Life doesn’t stop and so shouldn’t you. A little forgiveness can make you an even better being.
  • Practice; Repeat every step daily. Adapt them to your lifestyle. Your cravings will no longer punish you instead will make you a strong competition. You can’t rely on anyone for your growth so rely on yourself.

About Nandita Manchanda

Pursuing B.A. English honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. I am a forever learner, learning through every opportunity I come across.


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