09 June

Every day we witness a new advancement in technology. Different fields, different reaches, and different data, which gives birth to an altogether new field, that is data science. Data science is ruling humanity over the decades and will continue as we are very much reliable on computers, internet learning nowadays. Look outside, the COVID-19 outbreak has made us fully dependent on technology. As per the work from home guidelines, internet usage has almost double. We can’t thank less to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, the internet of things, and many other online platforms.

What is data science?

Ever wondered why online shopping stores like Flipkart and Amazon always recommend things according to your search histories? That is exactly what we call data science. Now, what is data science? In undecorated words, data science is a process of collecting, storing, combining, and segregating data on a large scale; which further helps an organization to see its algorithm of growth and development.

Data science works as a combination of algorithms and scientific analytics to collect unstructured and structured data. It is in general, employs computers with memory. The computer learns the big 3’s of data science, which is, organizing, packaging, and delivering. The data scientists analyses the data and provide the required information to the organizations for further development. The big databases give continuous growth to this field and this field is reigning over every established industry, business, and education around the globe.

Future scope

Now data science is evolving everyday and hence increasing demand for more and more data scientists. Evolution never stops and thus the vacancies that this field is creating every hour! Almost 45% of new job opportunities have been reported according to the latest survey by The Hindu.

Let’s see the factors contributing to data science-

  • Organizations’ failure to handle data manually; collection and segregation of data is a complex algorithm that can’t be handle easily. Keeping this in mind, organizations need to employ experts in data science to keep a record of their continuously growing data.


  •  Data, data everywhere; one produces tones of data in no time. Then think of a whole establishes company! Data science is a wider reach of career options that employ thousands of courses and abundant job opportunities for the future. Data science employs specializations in every field. People planning to opt for this trending field can choose specialized courses and streams.


  • Our friendship with virtual reality; now, companies’ and industries’ reliance on artificial intelligence is spreading all across the globe at a rapid rate. Moreover, many advanced data concepts like deep learning and neural networking are emerging through the continuous growth of data. Growing data is also pushing the development of new and advanced technology. Now, think about how much virtual reality will flourish with the gain of continuous spreading data. Data science is one wholesome branch, boosting other fields as well on a rapid yet witnessing rate.


  • Blockchain technology; is a distributed technology that keeps data transactions all over the world supremely secure. In other words, blockchain technology means highly trusted transactions for future purposes. This technology is majorly witnessed in cryptocurrencies like If this kind of big data shows tremendous growth then data science will surely witness the tremendous growth in its trend.


Careers in data science 

  • Manufacturing; data science provides usage in manufacturing as it affects productivity, minimizes the risk, and enhances the chances of profits. Data science can be used in improving productivity and the trends in many fields, such as supply chain and supplier relations; automation and the design of new facilities; global market pricing; demand and throughput forecasting and tracking of performance, quality assurance, and defect.


  • Health care; medical records have now begun to stored in computers. Billing, clinical data and medical insurances and all the other data are now maintained through computers. An individual provides the healthcare industry with an enormous amount of data which is now eminently get recorded on the machines and hence the treatments get improved every time. We can now have access to healthcare providers across the globe with tremendously improved data technology. After 2020, more job opportunities will be available in this field.


  • Banking and finance; after the growth of data science and analyses, banking networks have witnessed rapid growth in their field. They can provide sufficient maintenance to their customer with the record data of every consumer. They are now easily retaining the old consumers with proper maintenance and attracting more and more consumers to their doors as well.


  • Cybersecurity; due to the COVID-19 outbreak, online transactions have increased drastically and so does the online fraudulent activities. In the coming period, companies will be hiring more of such data science experts to avoid online fraudulent, hence creating thousands of job opportunities.


  • Ecommerce; in near future companies will be largely employing data science experts as e-commerce has already evolved enough. To keep their customers happy and engaging, data scientists provide advertisements for similar products to the search histories of their customers. Thus creating enormous job opportunities soon.


  • Genomics; study of the genome which consists of a whole DNA is called genomics. Scientists are using data science technology to read DNAs nowadays. Data science techniques enable scientists to study the mapping, sequence, structure, function, and evolution of DNA more effectively.


Data science is a big umbrella term that employs thousands of data trends in different fields thus creating many job opportunities by 2020 itself. Some of the topmost hirer of data science and analysis experts –

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Walmart labs
  • LinkedIn
  • Sigmoid

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