16 August

A strong desire to achieve something in life is called Ambition. It gives us aims, motivation, direction, targets towards the goal in our life. Many a time people take ambitions as their emotions or life, without which they can’t survive.

Ambitions and Human wants are unlimited. It can build a good citizen at the same time it can lead a person into the depression of failure. Right from our nursery school, we were asked, ” what do you want to become in the future?” A dream or ambition to become “a soldier”, “a doctor,” an astronaut” etc. Those days were awesome, Right?



Are you surrounded by positive and right people? People not only who support you, but also follow you or their ambition? You should always connect the ones who are ambitious to their work. A good and positive environment is very important to achieve goals or targets in life. A surrounding that can even make you or break you. As we get in touch with people with a clear mindset, we automatically get more motivated towards our work.



Whenever we achieve something in our life, somewhere or the other our parents are mainly responsible for that. I believe this, as whenever I am disappointed or sad due to failure, my parents stood by my side firmly, they supported and motivated me to get back to my work. They are the ones who taught us how Failure is a stepping stone towards success. In my opinion, my parents are my biggest support system.



These people provide us with all types of resources. Teachers share their wisdom without any hesitation. They protect us from making wrong decisions. We get solutions for every question.


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Hi, I am Prajakta Thorat.


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