31 May

Career counselling has nowadays become a useful tool to find a career path in a student’s life. But career counselling not only helps students but various other people having trouble in deciding what career path they should follow. As everyone in their life comes across a time when they are all confused about their career and don’t know what career they should choose. Here, career counselling comes into play and helps you decide your career which will not trouble you in your future.

  1. Why is Career Counselling Important in India?

In India, career counselling becomes important as with so much youth and an increasing number of passing students day by day it becomes essential to educate students and to let them decide their career options quite early in their life so they don’t end up confused in the later stages of their life. Internet and technology have helped a lot of people in understanding themselves better and thereafter choosing a better career path for them by the help of various career counselling tests which are available online.

  1. Online career counselling Tests!

There is a wide range of career counselling tests available online such as 123 Career Test, Princeton Review Career Quiz, MyPlan.com, MAPP Career Test, and many more. One just needs to answer the questions asked by these tests such as which would you rather pick as a career, yes and no questions, or questions based on your preferences and the activities you like to do. You could find a lot more online tests just by searching career counselling tests on the web.

  1. Who should Take Career Counselling Test?

Career counselling is majorly important at the three stages of your life:

  • After 10th Standard: Career counselling after or during 10th class becomes important as most of the students have to choose different streams such as Science, Commerce and Arts or Humanities following the protocol of Indian Education System. And further choosing their career paths.
  • After 12th Standard: Most of the students after 12th class seem to be confused about what forms they should fill, what courses they should apply for, what do they want to do in their life. As a student, you might as well have faced these questions once in your life. Career counselling helps students in telling them about various other career paths which they don’t know about in their day to day life.
  • After Choosing a Career Path: If you are pursuing the career you wanted to do but are still not satisfied with your job, then you might want a career counselling. Most of the people are not happy with their job since they are not doing those things they are passionate about. Career counselling might help you in finding that career path or provide you with that career option with those things and skills you are passionate about and are good at.
  1. How does Career Counselling Help You?

Career counselling is not just related with your career but helps you in finding your interests and lets you introspect and know your strengths and weakness which in a way clear your mind and helps you take right decisions at the right time in your future.

  • Choose the Right Career: If you don’t know what should you do in your life taking the career aspect in mind, then career counselling is just the way to go. It helps you choose the right career so that later in your future you don’t end up hating or disliking your job.
  • Provides with Ample Career Options: You could consult a career counsellor just to know about different career options which you would have not known in your day to day life and might be the best path for you to proceed further in your life. It helps you eliminate those career options which you are not suited for or has a disinterest in and that helps you in clearing your mind to which direction would you want to lead in your life.
  • Expert View: Consulting an expert or having expert guidance has no harm and if your career is at stake, then it is the best thing to do. As a career counsellor would help you in knowing your strength and weakness and would provide you with the guidance and the right career options for you.

In conclusion, career counselling has been rapidly increasing by the help of technology and the internet and one should always consult a career counsellor before making the most important decision of one’s life.

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