31 January

“Why should we hire you?” This is one of the trickiest and important questions of the interview around which the whole prospect to hire you revolves around. If you cannot answer this question then there are many more candidates standing behind you to grab the opportunity. For sure, you cannot give a simple answer like, “I am in a dire need of this job” or “I’m free to start early”. You need to be prepared for this question so that it can attract your profile and can impress the interviewer also.

So we should look at different aspects of these questions which are why interviewers ask you this question, how should you answer this question and why should we hire you questions. So let’s solve each of these questions as follows:-

Why do interviewers ask this question?

This is the most important and prime question which interviewers ask. In this, they look for the capabilities in you and the trickiness in you to answer the question which makes you capable of the job. In this, they ask you to know that you are the perfect match for them and you understand their workings and everything. This makes you look like you understand them well and will be able to stand and match with them. In this, you have to answer this question meticulously so that you remain the best fit for them and make you stand out of the crowd.

How to answer this question? 

So now the next question comes is how should you answer this tricky question. So there are some ways to answer this question.

● Firstly, you should showcase the skills and experience which you have got and which can deliver great results. You have to make sure that you prove to be a strong one among the whole crowd. This is the main part of the answer which highlights you.

● Secondly, highlight how can you can contribute to them and can adjust in their working environment. Show them how can you be a great fit in their team and how you can adapt to it.

● Thirdly, show them how their work will become easy by hiring you. Showcase your abilities and different talents.

● Show your interest in taking up duties and responsibilities which will create a positive impact on the interviewer.

● And lastly, be honest while whatever you are speaking with both yourself and the interviewers. Because there are many other questions during the interview through which the interviewer can test you whether you are speaking truthfully or not.

Why should we hire you basic questions?

Okay, so here comes the last question. Here we will discuss what kind of questions the interviewer has in his/her mind while asking this question.

● How your background and experience can be a help to us?

● Why are you the best fit for this job?

● Please describe yourself which proves that you are ideal for this position.

● Why should you be hired over other candidates?

The things you should avoid while answering this question are- money, perks, desperation and general interests. Just that, you should be honest about yourself, solve the problems to the perfect fit and should carry healthy vibes for you. And you should be well prepared for the interview and be confident while carrying yourself.

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