17 August

The Internet has evolved and grown tremendously in the past 20 years and it has imbibed in our lives so much that it is almost impossible for us to survive in current times without it. Whether it is communications, shopping, socializing, or business, every field has been highly benefitted from the internet. One such field positively affected by this is the EDUCATION SECTOR. As time changed the traditional ways of teaching started to blend in with the technology of current times. Online education is a systematic and ever-growing delivery system that makes learning accessible which takes place via the internet.




The best advantage of online education is that it gives students the freedom to cope up with other important activities and tasks of their lives while getting an education as well. This gives them the power over how they will delegate their time towards their projects. In a traditional classroom setting a student has to attend all the lectures according to the timetable, class meetings, etc. This can be exhausting, so with the help of online learning, they are free from all this as they are not tied to a fixed schedule.



The other very attractive advantage of online education is that you can save up a lot of money. Just look at it like this… You don’t have to go anywhere which means no cost of commuting. Expenses that are related to the metro, your vehicle, its fuel, parking, car maintenance are saved. There will be no need for living in paid accommodation and all over its eco-friendly too!!



Whether you are travelling, at home, or at someone’s place you can create a perfect room wherever you want to study class material and do homework assignments. You do not have to put in extra effort by going to a crowded library or in any disruptive environment. Online education gives you total privacy and better chances to concentrate on your studies. You don’t have to be around other people unnecessarily & if you have social anxiety it saves you from that too.



Students of traditional teaching are restricted to only limited courses and teachers close to their home but on the other hand, an online student can take a German-speaking course from a teacher in Germany or a professional makeup course from a renowned makeup artist who is attending big clients, without having to leave home.



Even if you want to avail a basic online course it requires knowledge of new skills of the computer, as students acquire information to navigate through various programs and systems. The ability students need within their online courses translates to many professionals including creating & sharing documents, incorporating audio/video materials into assignments completing online Training sessions, etc. Online courses & learning not only can grow your knowledge but you can get invaluable lessons for other areas of your life. In a traditional classroom, the teacher is constantly prodding you to get your work done, to perform well whereas online teaching leaves you on your own. In successfully finishing the online classes- self-discipline, commitment & knowledge of new technical skills, go a long way.


With so many advantages and perks, a serious question arises in our minds, which is- Will online education/learning replace the traditional ways of learning??

The answer is



Online learning has plenty & obvious advantages: convenient, free, or cheap personal experience with no distractions and the chance to go at your speed but if we look closer we’ll find some structural & fundamental drawbacks. One such issue is the direct teacher to student addressing. There is a lack of it.  During online classes you are alone all the time without any classmates, these preclude discussion & open communication between peers. Another concern is how one can verify your understanding. Learning management systems have tests and quiz modules handy, however, outside of a structured knowledge centre, you are pretty much facing your unresolved doubts.


And last is, after a point, it gets exhausting for the students to stick to a computer monitor or tablet for hours.

So to conclude this, online education might take a very long time to replace traditional ways of learning totally.

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