21 March

If you are used to having a job where work from home was never a provision. If you were the one who had to be continuously pushed by the team manager to complete all the work on time.

And suddenly your office boy comes with a notice before you and you start reading it aloud.

“It is to be informed that as per the guidelines of the government. Our office being situated at the heart of the city with more than 10 employees and we as a small company not able to offer the right sensitization and health checking facility to every employee, we need to shut down our offices and switch on to the work from home provision so that we don’t hit losses in the future.”

If this type of notices by your CEO or team manager makes you feel this to be right opportunity to have fun because you want to sleep more or spend more time watching Netflix and Amazon prime or enjoy with your family then probably work from home was never a good option for you but then you cannot take your life at risk and drive all the way to your office and sit alone and start working because then you will be pushing all your family members and neighbors into danger. You cannot avoid it as well, and this is the reason why I feel this work from the home provision is going to be a new phase of your life where you will learn the importance of self-discipline and its role in making somebody successful.

The PAIR formula to make yourself a productive work from employee:-

Work from home demands

  1. Peace of mind for any individual.

Nobody can concentrate on a task while their mind is chattering about multiple aspects. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is gain peace of mind you need to move out of those thoughts of watching a new movie on Netflix or serials on your TV. Instead, you can plan for reading a book. Keep this point very clear in your mind; never instruct your brain to avoid thinking about something because when you ask it to avoid thinking about something the more it will start thinking about it.

For example:-

Say this to yourself:

‘Don’t think about King Cobra.’ The next image that flashes in your brain is a king cobra.

Therefore, avoid doing that. This is going to hamper you a lot when you are working from home. Do not try to avoid the ill thoughts coming to your mind but start channelizing them in the right direction.

For example:-

A thought comes to your mind to take a short break and watch ‘The Seize’ at this point of time when you see this thought coming to your mind, start channelizing it in a different direction. Think about the book that you were trying to read for a long time. Nevertheless, I could not do that due to lack of time, now is the time to read it.


  1. Accountable:-

For being a successful work from home employee, you need to be a highly accountable person. Procrastinators find it quite difficult to be work from home employees because whenever they sit before the table, their bed placed at their back or side calls them in action and this action is sleep. Where the action is in High Definition and only visible to the one who is in sleep. So, make sure you do not fall on your bed at first sight. Show your attitude and respect to yourself.


  1. Individuality:-

Work from home is never going to happen by sitting with a laptop before your TV with your family members because then it is more of a pretentious habit to show everyone in your family that you are working. This is not going to help in any way because you can neither concentrate on your work nor fully contribute your words to the family talk. Moreover, you cannot enjoy the snacks lying before you on the plate when you have a laptop in your hands. Because I do not feel, you would touch your laptop with your oily hands. If that does not bother you then enjoying snacks is not going to be an issue for you.


  1. Responsibility:-

One needs to be very responsible with what they are doing staying at home. You must jot down this point very clear in their mind, you are not being paid for sleeping twelve hours neither you are being paid for watching a new video series on Netflix or Amazon Prime. If something that is, going to pay you is completing your daily task on time.


Moreover, I am very sure this is the time where a company will start differentiating between the pretending and the potential employees. Therefore, make sure you give your best.


Some basic tips to make work from home a productive option

  1. Don’t compromise with the schedule that you used to follow when you had to report your office at 9:30 AM, with your satchel. Obey the same mundane, get up as usual make yourself ready have your breakfast sit on your table exactly at the same time you reported at your office and marked your presence. This habit will make you more responsible and accountable for what you are doing staying at home.


  1. Make sure you sit on your table with your formals because when you will forget that you are on your official task your uniform will remind that you are dedicated to your official task at this point in time and not something else.


  1. If, Possible sit in a room that has proper ventilation, access to daylight and nobody in your family will disturb you for the next 8 hours. The ventilation and the light will make sure that you do not fall asleep on your table and your family not disturbing you will make sure you stay concentrated and productive.


  1. Keep yourself completely devoted to your official task and do not indulge yourself too much into the family chores. If possible, try making your own coffee. This will make you more of an independent person.


  1. Be in touch with your higher authority such as your manager and CEO. They will play a crucial role in keeping you motivated and updated with the day-to-day task.


Try implementing these tips and see the tremendous amount of change that you bring into the graph of productiveness versus time when you are working from home.


About T Sai Devakar

He is a student of twelfth standard, who is fed up of the Educational setup which limits the students to concentrate on one aspect. So, set on the journey of doing something impactful and get engaged in a extravagant adventure with a purpose. Fortunately came to know about SKILLING YOU and joined it as a content writer inorder to improve and learn new skills. Though he is a content writer but tries to try his hands on everything that will make him feel better and learn something new. He is always open to new opportunities, he is always there for doing something productive and good. And from the very childhood he has a ENTREPRENEURIAL BUG within him. He is always open to discuss new ideas, try talking to him if you have something going in your mind. He has also launched his own campaign under the banner of Rally for Rivers in the name of Cauvery Calling -Youth in Action-T Sai Devakar. And aimed of contributing the highest number of trees for rehabilitating Cauvery and Cauvery basin through the youth of this nation. Being the YOUTH of this nation he feels that they should be able to commit for the right cause and take action for the same. He also makes sure that the youth of this nation is not only LIMITED to tech and business but, equally LOVING and CARING for their MOTHER NATURE and their FARMERS who have given up everything to produce the right crop at the right season for them. In few lines you can describe him as someone who aspires to be a BALANCED & FULFILLED PERSONALITY.


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