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18 June


Writing is an art. A beautiful art; through which you express your emotions, feelings, and thoughts using words. A writer not only describes his/her thoughts but also that every single person who cannot do the same. In recent times writing didn’t just remain a hobby but has become a leading profession. Many of the young writers and poets are doing a great job. But at the same time, many undergraduate students aren’t even able to write a formal leave application or a demand letter. This must be changed; everyone should be able to write at least formal letters and emails. Here I am sharing some information and tips to improve your writing skills.

Types of Writings-

There are mainly 4 types of writing- Descriptive, expository, narrative, and persuasive. But let us ignore this, and make it simple. Just consider two types of writing one is “Content Writing” and the other is “Creative Writing”. Let’s discuss this more.

  1. Content Writing-
    This type of writing includes formal writing which describes facts and figures. One needs to find and collect data on some particular topic and present it simply. It follows sequences and methodologies. Content writing can be seen in newspapers, blogs, some articles, newsletters, formal letters, etc. in this type sometimes the writer’s opinion is taken while sometimes not. A new trend called “Technical Writer” has come which includes content writing about new technology products.
  2. Creative Writing- 
    This type of writing is completely the opposite of content writing. It does not require following any sequence or to use any formal words or presenting data facts. One can use poetic, decorative language. You can use alliterations and rhymes. You can write what you feel and what you think. You can describe the topic in your language. Creative writing can be seen in poems, song lyrics, stories, novels, biographies, etc.

Now we discussed what writing is and what are its types, now let’s take a look at some tips to improve your writing skills

  1. Reading– A good writer is always a good reader. The more you read the more knowledge you will gain. In both content and creative writing; reading is the most important thing. Reading not only helps you in gaining knowledge but also helps you understand how to present your thoughts or data collected by you more effectively. You can read various newspapers, books, articles, and fiction. The best method to start the hobby of reading is to start reading newspapers daily. Nowadays almost all newspapers are available digitally.
  2. Listening and Observation– Many times only reading is not sufficient, you need to experience the real condition. Listening and observation skills are as important as reading. By listening I mean listening to various speakers and orators, you can learn how to use words effectively. And in the case of observation and the narration, you must have observed the real situation. Many poets/poets write poems from their observation of nature, surroundings, society, and people.
  3. Practice– Never stop writing practice if you want to be a better writer. Even machinery stops working if it is not used. The same thing also applies to skills; not only regarding the writing but betterment of any skill you should not stop working. You should write whatever you want. It may have some flaws. Because it’s the practice and consistency which makes a man perfect.
  4. Reviews and feedback– As I mentioned above you should keep writing. It may have some flaws; these flaws can be determined by taking the opinion and feedback of others. Today you have social media as the best platform for this work. Platforms like LinkedIn are used by many experienced and professional people who can give the best feedback and suggest changes if required. Along with these, you can take the opinion of your friends, parents, siblings, and mentors.


Some do’s and don’ts 


  • Have sufficient knowledge of the topic you are writing about.
  • Use simple but effective language and words.
  • Choose an attractive title.
  • Never copy others’ content.
  • You can use quotation marks if you use anybody’s content for reference and mention his/her name.
  • Don’t get distracted from the topic.

About Aman Bhat

Hi, I am Aman Bhat from Jalgaon, Maharashtra. I am pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. My hobbies include reading, writing, and oration I also have an interest in music.


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