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16 June

Is online learning effective? This is the major question in today’s situation. We all know in the situation of COVID-19 almost from KG to PG each level of education is shifted on the online learning platform. As we also know that there is no other way available to gain knowledge, to learn skills instead of online learning platforms. The number of websites, the number of different applications are available through which the online learning is carried out. In fields like technical, marketing, fashion designing, hotel management almost all the sources are available, but the question arises is this kind of learning is helpful and effective? Here in this topic, we will discuss some points, as every topic has its advantages and disadvantages, similarly this question also has some advantages and some disadvantages. 

1) In online learning you can learn from different locations, that is even if you want to learn from one country to another country you can do this by online learning. This is the one major advantage of online learning. Also, students have no need to travel as a result there is time-saving and this is one good factor, as students can excess their valuable skilling courses from their home. 

2) Now in the traditional lectures students have to sit for an hour in the classroom, and very few topics are covered by the teachers but this is not happening in the case of online

learning, the module wise separation is available so the students can learn the thing by watching a few minutes of video-only. 

3) Once the lecture is over the teacher is not able to give the same lecture in a repeated manner, it happens in the case of traditional learning, but in the online learning if students cannot understand the concepts he/she can replay the video and watch again and again, and also it is stored on your learning platforms so you can easily re-watch the lecture whenever you want. 

4) The wide variety of topics are available in online learning, let's consider the situation of engineering. If someone is a mechanical engineering student and wants to learn some programming languages also, how can he/she do this? As in a college, we all can get one degree only. As a solution for this, the online platforms are available so the students from different fields can learn different things through this platform. 

5) In the case of practical knowledge, online learning is the weak side, as only theory, computer-based exercises are available on this platform. We can learn things; we can gain skills through online learning but to get experience real-time knowledge we must have to go for offline learning with the equipment. 

6) As we know that the many online courses are available, on different topics, the English speaking is also the part of online learning course, the number of apps and websites are available for that but out of them The SKILLING YOU is the one great app, here the engagement between online learning is is at a higher level. It’s like we are sitting together and attending the lecture. To get effective online learning get the App SKILLING YOU which is available on play store and start learning today. 

So, we discuss many points through which you can get clear about the question: is online learning effective? So, the answer is in favor according to the points mentioned.


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