Vedic Mathematics - Foundation Course

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About Our Course

This course can transform a tedious subject like maths into a blissful, fun subject!. After joining this course, performing calculations will become an easy and quick task. With this ancient art of Vedic Mathematics, Learn math like never done before! Lifetime access, Recorded lectures AND Live Classes all in one place!! Scroll down for further details!

Course includes:

✓ 180 + Minutes of Video
✓ 40 Concept Videos
✓ Introduction of Vedic Mathematics and its benefits
✓ Addition Method using Vilokanam
✓ Subtraction by Nikhilam method
✓ Base multiplication (Above, Below & Mix Type)
✓ Multiplication by vertically and crosswise method
✓ Multiplication by anurupyena method
✓ Tables up to 20 and more
✓ Multiplication with 12, 13,14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19
✓ Vedic checking method for addition, subtraction and multiplication
✓ Squaring up to hundred
✓ Access on mobile
✓ Practice of each concept

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Save ₹ 1900 TODAY!

₹ 2499

₹ 599
What Will You Learn

✓ You will learn vedic mathematics and the tips included in it
✓ You'll learn different ways of calculating that will make the process faster and easier
✓ You will learn methods like nikhilam, vilokanam, anyrupyena etc
✓ You will also learn about basics of vedic mathematics in detail
✓ You will learn about sutras and sub-sutras that will provide an insightful and fun way performing calculations
✓ By the end of Course you will have a better understanding of the Mental Math Method being explained
✓ You will be able to calculate 10-15 times faster than before!

Kiske Liye Hai Ye Course

✓ Students of Grade 3 onwards up to Grade 12
✓ Competitive Entrance Exam Aspirants like CAT, GMAT, SAT, Banking, Engineering etc
✓ Professional degree course students
✓ Trainers who want to learn and make career in Vedic mathematics Training

Corporate Trainer
  • Instructor Rating: 4.5
  • Instructor Reviews : 150
  • Students Trained : 1500+
  • Courses By Trainer: 1

The trainer has 15+ Years National & International Teaching Experience of Vedic Mathematics, He also has experience in Traditional Mathematics and Science (25+ Years Teaching Experience) The trainer is an Experienced Practical & Vedic Maths teacher, author of a book (Vedic Mathematics - Mathematics with Smile), he has trained more than 10k students across boards and in many countries. The trainer believes in providing the students with a way of learning vedic mathematics that makes the student fall in love with the subject. Focuses on enhancing calculations which are used in competitive exams & even in day to day practice. He also motivates students to develop interest in Mathematics.


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Ji Haan , yeh course aapko maths ke phobia se dur karega aur basic se sikhayega.

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